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Commercial kitchen rental facilities offer start-ups a place to launch their food businesses.

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Austin's commercial kitchen rental industry (shared-use kitchens) is growing and expanding far and wide inside and outside of the Central Business District. Both formal shared kitchens and informal shared kitchens give start-ups, and growing food businesses, a place to obtain required permits from local City/County Health Departments so that they can operate and scale a packaged food business (CPG Company), a meal delivery company, a catering/private chef business or any sort of food or beverage business that requires a permit to operate because they are making and serving food, in one form or another, to the public.

A key component to choosing the right facility for your food or beverage business is the convenient proximity to where one lives and works. Location should be taken into consideration because commuting across town in traffic is not convenient and eats into valued production time. Also, if a kitchen facility is remote and far from grocery shopping and other needed services and supplies, or far from a solid employee pool, then it can be challenging to operate efficiently in such location.

As Austin continues to grow, so does the demand for shared-kitchen space. New facilities are currently in the works, or have just opened, and the tried-and-true facilities, which many Austin start-up brands have launched from, are still going strong. We suggest you take the time to visit each of them and choose the right space for your start-up.

List of Shared-Use Commercial Kitchens for Rent in Central Texas:

Facility Location Website

Capital Kitchens South Central Austin

The Cook's Nook East Austin

Manon's Shared Kitchen North Austin

Wingman Kitchens East Austin

Kitchen Factories Far South Austin and

Round Rock

PrepATX Northeast Austin

Korner Kitchen Georgetown

Ghostline Kitchens Southeast Austin ghostline.kitchens

There are what we call 'informal shared kitchens' in and around the Austin area. Contact us for more details.


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