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 Food packaging set, bottles, cans, jars
Hello, I'm Trish....and I'm a picky eater!

Ever since I was 5 years old I've had a discerning taste.  So, I mastered the peanut butter & jelly sandwich!  As soon as I was allowed to handle a butter knife and the glass jelly jar, I perfected the technique and knew just which brands made the absolute best PB&J ever!

Eventually, I turned this love and appreciation of quality food into a career.  I started out as a Food Writer, then a Caterer, then a Personal Chef......then, and this is the best part, I founded a culinary incubator for food and beverage startups in Austin, Texas called Capital Kitchens and began to coach, mentor and advise other entrepreneurs who needed a nurturing space in which to create their ideal products to take to market.


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I helped launch, support or direct over 60 CPG (consumer product goods) brands and over 50 other food concepts such as caterers, bakers, artisan food makers, food trucks and some absolutely fabulous people--because food people ARE fun!

Oh, and one more thing -- over the years I've had the opportunity to serve as a Mentor for several acclaimed accelerators and startup competitions such as SKU, Naturally Austin's M / O Mentoring ProgramNewChip Accelerator and  Food+City Challenge as well as serve on several Boards such as the Texas Consumer Venture Forum and Les Dames d'Escoffier.

So what do I specialize in again???...

Consumer Product Goods (CPG) | Concept Development | Idea to Retail | New Product Launch | Brand Development | Growth Strategy & Implementation | Unique Culinary Concepts & Projects

We're gonna make this FUN!

Food and Beverage Consulting 

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