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Austin's Legacy Food Brands

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

I've been in Austin a long time and I've been a lover of so many of Austin's food brands that have come and gone during the last few decades. These food brands paved the way for today's young CPG food & beverage entrepreneurs and my how the scene and industry has evolved and matured since then! Many of these delicious foods, which well represent the "flavor of Austin", still exist on the shelves of HEB, Central Market, Whole Foods, Fresh Plus, Wheatsville Co-op, Dias Market, Tiny Grocer, Royal Blue and more......and some even beyond Austin and beyond Texas. Unfortunately, some are long gone for various reasons but their legacies live on and they certainly deserve being remembered fondly. It was hard work back then to launch a food brand. It's hard work now to launch a food brand.

I hope you will help me honor these local Legacy Brands (been around 20+ years), pick them up when you see them in the stores, and also support the new brands on the shelves!

The List of Austin Legacy Food Brands

Those we miss:

Sgt. Peppers Hot Sauce

Mary Louise Brownies

Winston’s Hot Sauce

Rose’s Just Right Salsa

Sass Salad Dressings

Guiltless Gourmet

Classy Delights

Please let us know who are are missing as we'd love to add them to this list!

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