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Have you noticed buying local is no longer more expensive?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

We’ve discovered that since Johnson’s Backyard Garden permanently shut down last year, many of their Central Texas customers have had a hard time transitioning over to other farms or locating which farms, urban or rural, are open and indeed selling their produce either at a market or via subscription CSA boxes. We put together a comprehensive list to make it easy to again source local products for those who've gotten out of the habit. In fact, we think the timing couldn’t be better. With our global supply chain in flux and inflation hitting our pocketbooks hard, the price of buying local, really buying local, is about equal to purchasing a chicken or a bag of apples at the grocery store, shipped from across the country, as it is to just buy from your local farmer. The playing field, at least price wise, is level for the first time in recent history. So, now is the time to establish a solid relationship with your local farmer once and for all. When we buy local, the world is a better place.

The list, brought to you by Launchpoint Culinary Services, is here:

CSAs & Produce Farms:



Third-Party Delivery Companies:

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