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CPG Acronyms...Ever Wonder What They Mean?

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

I get texts and emails all hours of the day asking me questions like, "What does MOQ mean?" Well, that particular acronym stands for Minimum Order Quantities. Maybe a list of common acronyms related to the food & beverage industry would, here you go!

CPG Consumer Product Goods

SKU Stock Keeping Unit

UPC Universal Product Code

COGS Cost of Goods Sold

MOQ Minimum Order Quantities

CPQ Case Pack Quantity

PO Purchase Order

GTIN Global Trade Item Number

FOB Freight on Board

DC Distribution Centers

DSD Direct Store Delivery

POS Point of Sales

OOS Out of Stock

ACV All Commodity Value

OI Off Invoice

TPR Temporary Price Reduction

MSRP Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

MCB Manufacturer's Chargeback

LTO Limited Time Offer

And, here are a few more....

D2C Direct to Consumer

B2B Business to Business

EPD Existing Product Development

NPD New Product Development

QA Quality Assurance

QC Quality Control

SOP Standard Operating Procedures

GMP Good Manufacturing Practices

SSOP Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures

TFMS Texas Food Manufacturing Standard

Don't be ashamed to ask when you don't understand something. Everyone starts at the beginning and somehow, we are all in this together.

Trish Wesevich

Launchpoint Culinary Services

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